Press releases

21.10.2015 16:01

Slovenia logistics gateway to Europe

Slovenian geostrategic position represents a great potential for the logistics as excellent entry point for the markets of Central and Southeastern Europe as well as for the Western Balkans countries.

16.10.2015 19:24

Slovenia achieved all of its goals set for the Expo Milano 2015 world's fair

A press conference was held today in Milan at Slovenia's Pavilion on the occasion of Slovenia's presentation at Expo Milano 2015. By achieving all of the set goals and surpassing some of them, Slovenia successfully presented itself over a six month period, along with other participants of the world's fair.

25.9.2015 16:51

Slovenian pavilion at Expo with more than 8000 visitors in one day

In days, when the Universal Exhibition in Milan is approaching the last month, the data and impressions on the presentation of Slovenia are very positive. The visits to the Slovenian pavilion exceeded expectations, the absolute record was reached on September 12, when the Slovenian pavilion has welcomed 8124 visitors. In October, we welcome our millionth visitor.

23.9.2015 22:50

The presentation of the region Podravska at Expo Milan 2015

In the second half of September (19.9.-27.9.) at the Universal Exposition Expo 2015 are being showcased the tourist destinations Maribor and Ptuj. The presentation shows how a joint promotion leads to better results in foreign markets.

27.8.2015 14:00

Slovenian technology measures the environmental conditions at Expo Milan 2015

The Slovenian company LOTRIČ Metrology will present today, during the World Exhibition, the results of environmental measurements that have been performed in several pavilions of the participating countries at Expo Milano 2015. In conjunction with the main theme of EXPO the company decided to introduce the innovation EXACTUM, an intelligent system for automatic monitoring of environmental conditions (i.e. measurement of temperature, humidity, pressure, light intensity, the concentration of CO2 and other parameters). The system was developed for use in the pharmaceutical, automotive, medical and alimentary sector, but also in warehouses, greenhouses, laboratories, museums etc. The measurements were performed in pavilions of seven participating countries - Slovenia, Austria, Chile, Malaysia, Morocco, Serbia and Switzerland. As part of the presentation of Slovenia at EXPO, 785 Slovenian companies are participating to the activities of the business platform and economic delegations or presenting their products in our pavilion.

18.8.2015 16:01

Region of Pomurje Featured at Milan Expo

Slovenia's north-eastern region of Pomurje is being showcased at the 2015 World Expo in Milan in the second half of August as part of ongoing regional presentations.

24.7.2015 15:44

The Promotion of Slovenia as Green.Active.Healthy. at Expo Milano 2015 in the Virtual World

The average visit of the the Slovenian pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 is 4.000 visitors per day. Within the six months the Universal Exposition will be visited by 20 million people, but in the digital era the organizers of Expo emphasize that a billion people follow the presentation virtually. Slovenia also presents itself virtually on the website in three languages and on social networks Facebook and Twitter.