14.9.2015 23:14

Bled cream cake among the top 10 desserts at Expo

Milano, 14 September - The cream cake, which you can find at Slovenian pavilion for 4 EUR, is selected by the organizers of Expo among the 10 best desserts at Expo.

The visit to Expo Milano 2015 gets even sweeter with the desserts presented at the Universal Exhibition. Pastry making is the protagonist with delicious preparations, including whipped cream, puff pastry, dried fruit and candied peel.

There's nothing like something sweet to touch our soul's strings of pleasure. The dessert used to represent the party; it was a reward and an achievement. Today sweets are part of our daily lives and at Expo Milano 2015, it is possible to tour the traditional pastry recipes of every Country in the world. Among the top 10 desserts at Expo we can find the Bled cream cake, best known as kremšnita. The other top desserts you should not miss at Expo are: Sicilian cannoli, Bahrain's rangeena, Argentina's panqueque de dulce de leche, chak-chak from Kazakhstan, Quvait's kunafa, Slovakian trdelnik, ferni from Afghanistan, Morrocan 'gazelle horns' and Corean Goldfish waffels.


Bled is one of Slovenia's most renowned cities for its culinary tradition. Here one of the symbols of Slovenian cuisine is born: the Bled cream cake, also known as kremšnita. The Slovenia Pavilion offers a thick slice so that everyone can satisfy his or her sweet tooth. The cake looks like a parallelepiped: the base is a layer of pastry, and then a thick layer of yellow custard, a white one of whipped cream, ending with another layer of pastry dusted with powdered sugar flavored with vanilla. In the mouth, the pastry is soft and slightly moist with the contact with the creams. The sweet taste of sugar mixed with egg yolks explodes on the palate, and, in the end, comes a light touch of vanilla that is discreet and stays in the background.