25.9.2015 16:51

Slovenian pavilion at Expo with more than 8000 visitors in one day

Milano, 25 September - In days, when the Universal Exhibition in Milan is approaching the last month, the data and impressions on the presentation of Slovenia are very positive. The visits to the Slovenian pavilion exceeded expectations, the absolute record was reached on September 12, when the Slovenian pavilion has welcomed 8124 visitors. In October, we welcome our millionth visitor.

Vrsta obiskovalcev pred vhodom v slovenski paviljon na Expu.
Foto: Spirit Slovenija

The Universal Exhibition EXPO initially encountered many difficulties, like all great world events. But from the beginning of EXPO the visit to the Slovenian pavilion is constantly increasing.

From May to July, the average daily number of visitors to the Slovenian pavilion was about 4,000 visitors and has increased in August, reaching 6,500 visitors. The record month was September, with peaks of 8,000 visitors. On 12 September the exhibition site was visited by 240,000 visitors.

The numbers do not include visitors who do not enter the Slovenian pavilion, but are attending events in front of the pavilion. More than 4,000 people a day have participated to the events and festivals prepared by the Slovenian pavilion.

Officially the nationality of visitors has not yet been announced. Estimates show that about 60 percent of visitors are Italian, 20 percent comes from France and another 20 percent are from all over the world.

The Expo Milano till September was visited by 14 million people and is on track to meet expectations of the organizers to reach 20 millions of visitors. If the visits will stay high over the next days, Slovenia will also reach its goal - a million visitors.

Visitors are increasing thanks to the staff of the Slovenian pavilion, which improved and updated the contents of the pavilion. The most successful novelties are the green heart stickers with the inscription I Feel Slovenia, promoters that take visitors through the pavilion and in the end the barefoot walk on the Slovenian salt.

More information: Sandra Stermšek, Head of Communication
T: 0590 89 520, E: sandra.stermsek@spiritslovenia.si