23.9.2015 22:50

The presentation of the region Podravska at Expo Milan 2015

Milano, 23 September - In the second half of September (19.9.-27.9.) at the Universal Exposition Expo 2015 are being showcased the tourist destinations Maribor and Ptuj. The presentation shows how a joint promotion leads to better results in foreign markets.

Foto: Spirit Slovenija

Foto: Spirit Slovenija

The history of the region offers a mix of tradition and fashion of today, mixed with ethnology and ethnography. Artists will present innovative, fashionable and environmental friendly products. The promoters will wear the creations inspired by the vine and the wine of the costume designer Stanka Vauda Benčevič, wooden sunglasses of the company Lignum and wooden jewelry Srečko Molk. Their bodies will be painted by the artist Tjaša Čuš. At the center of the Slovenian pavilion is also the wooden wheel handmade by Tina Kranjc. The presentation of the region will be animated by an interesting program, with promotional videos of the region, exhibitions, the virtual presentation of the ancient home of the vine and the Castle of Ptuj through 3D glasses. You can also discover the business opportunities of the region.

Next weekend will be enriched by the folklore group Vinko Korže, who will present traditional Slovenian dances, accompanied by accordion and clarinet. Visitors will discover kurenti (the typical mask of the Carnival of Ptuj), which will attract the curiosity of visitors playing their typical bells in front of the Slovenian pavilion. Mask Kurent is already present in the Slovenian pavilion since the opening of the Universal Exposition.

In April, just before the start of the Expo, near the Slovenian pavilion we planted the descendant of the ancient vine, which today already bears fruit. The vine will remain in Milan, as a gift of the city of Maribor, where grows the oldest vine in the world, to the city of Milan.

More information: Sandra Stermšek, Head of Communication
E: sandra.stermsek@spiritslovenia.si, T: +386 590 89 520