22.9.2015 14:37

Slovenia positions itself as a wedding destination at Expo Milano 2015

Milano, 22 September - On 26 September 2015, a special fashion event entitled "The Way to a Person's Heart is Through Their Stomach" will be held at the Slovenian pavilion at the EXPO 2015 World Exhibition. The time and concept of the event are not coincidental: the famous Milan Fashion Week is being held at the same time, and the theme of EXPO Milan is food. And what do fashion and food have in common? Both have an important role at the most romantic event in a person's life - their wedding. Therefore, Slovenia, as the only country with LOVE in its name, is a very appropriate wedding venue.

Foto: Spirit Slovenija

The day begins with a fashion show in the morning presenting a collection designed by a young Slovenian designer, Maja Leskovšek, a post-graduate student at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering. Leskovšek was given the chance to present her collection with the I feel Slovenia award at the competition of young textile designers at Ljubljana Fashion Week in the spring. The award was presented by the Government Communication Office, which is responsible for the national brand I feel Slovenia, thus facilitating her presentation in Milan, a fashion capital of the world.

In addition to the wonderful Slovenian pavilion, the setting for all the fashion collections will include an exhibition of lace, a fashion accessory on the staff uniforms in the Slovenian pavilion. The lace was made by talented young students of the Chair for Textile Materials and Design at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Maribor. Each piece of lace is unique, and each of the lace-makers knitted their own "I feel Slovenia" story with a green thread.

Timetable of the event:
11am - opening with the presentation of young designer Maja Leskovšek and her award-winning collection
3pm and 5pm - fashion show of formal and wedding attire by Maja Štamol and Sens d. o. o., including a performance by Alenka Godec and Miss Tourism Slovenia 2015, and a presentation of wedding venues


Additional information: natasa.busljeta@gov.si or polona.preseren@gov.si, Government Communication Office