28.8.2015 12:00

Lotrič Metrology presented at Expo the system for measurement of environmental conditions

Milano, 28 August - The company Lotrič Metrology, known for its innovative solutions in the field of metrology, presented at Universal Exhibition 2015 in Milan their innovation EXACTUM, the intelligent system for the control of environmental conditions. The measurements were performed in seven pavilions.

Selca, Lotrič Meroslovje.
Lotrič Meroslovje.
Foto: Tinkara Zupan/STA

With the help of the system they measured the conditions in the pavilions of Slovenia, Austria, Chile, Malaysia, Morocco, Serbia and Switzerland. The results were presented at the Slovenian pavilion.

The company's director Marko Lotrič stated that the measurements have not only aroused the interest of visitors, but also of representatives of the countries in which pavilions the measurements were made.

The system allows constant monitoring of temperature, humidity, pressure, light intensity, CO2 concentration, free radicals in the air and other measurable parameters. The system was developed for use in the pharmaceutical, automotive, medical and food processing sector or in warehouses, greenhouses etc.

Lotrič said that the innovation measures standard parameters through 25 sensors, which identify problems and suggest solutions to create favorable conditions.

At Expo they presented the innovation EXACTUM Greenhouse, a system for monitoring conditions in a greenhouse. At Expo the company also met with many trading partners, among them the representatives of countries of the Gulf.

The company is trying to reach an agreement with the producers of greenhouses. This will allow them to offer to the market a complete product.

Expo 2015 has contributed a lot to the internationalization of Slovenia; it is also a great success for the country and the participating companies, which can meet potential business partners.

"To understand what Expo is, you have to come to Milan to see it, do not criticize it from home," he further added Lotrič, who was surprised to see long queues to enter the Slovenian pavilion. For him it is very important that visitors have the chance to learn about innovative Slovenian products.

Lotrič thanked the Slovenian team at the Expo, which helped the company representatives during their promotion. More than 100 entrepreneurs and professionals from Slovenia attended the presentation.

Till now, already 785 Slovenian companies joined the presentation of Slovenia at the Universal Exhibition, either through presentation at Slovenian pavilion either through the business platform.