27.8.2015 14:00

Slovenian technology measures the environmental conditions at Expo Milan 2015

Milano, 27 August - The Slovenian company LOTRIČ Metrology will present today, during the World Exhibition, the results of environmental measurements that have been performed in several pavilions of the participating countries at Expo Milano 2015. In conjunction with the main theme of EXPO the company decided to introduce the innovation EXACTUM, an intelligent system for automatic monitoring of environmental conditions (i.e. measurement of temperature, humidity, pressure, light intensity, the concentration of CO2 and other parameters). The system was developed for use in the pharmaceutical, automotive, medical and alimentary sector, but also in warehouses, greenhouses, laboratories, museums etc. The measurements were performed in pavilions of seven participating countries - Slovenia, Austria, Chile, Malaysia, Morocco, Serbia and Switzerland. As part of the presentation of Slovenia at EXPO, 785 Slovenian companies are participating to the activities of the business platform and economic delegations or presenting their products in our pavilion.

Milan, Italy
The opening of the Slovenian pavilion at the Expo 2015 show.
Photo: Daniel Novakovič/STA

"Expo Milano 2015 plays an important role in the internationalization of Slovenia. The country and the participating companies are having great success in international markets," commented the presentation of Slovenia and Slovenian companies the director of LOTRIČ Metrology Marko Lotrič.

The company is specialized in the field of metrology, with internationally recognized certificates LOTRIČ Metrology. The company is present in 26 countries and cooperates with more than 10,000 customers. The company is known worldwide for its advanced solutions and innovations in the field of metrology.

The innovation EXACTUM Greenhouse, which will be presented at Expo, is an advanced system for monitoring the conditions in greenhouses. "The greenhouses are made with the aim of recreating the ideal conditions of the environment. So far the monitoring of conditions has been performed by humans. The development now allows us to leave control to technology: the human factor is at a minimum, monitoring and communication is performed by sensors and software. In the future man will no longer have to worry if the sun is too strong, because the system EXACTUM will immediately send all the information about changes in temperature or light," explained Marko Lotrič.

The innovation will be presented in the Slovenian pavilion to more than 100 businessmen and professionals from Slovenia.

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