24.7.2015 15:44

The Promotion of Slovenia as Green.Active.Healthy. at Expo Milano 2015 in the Virtual World

Milano, 24 July - The average visit of the the Slovenian pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 is 4.000 visitors per day. Within the six months the Universal Exposition will be visited by 20 million people, but in the digital era the organizers of Expo emphasize that a billion people follow the presentation virtually. Slovenia also presents itself virtually on the website www.exposlovenia.si in three languages and on social networks Facebook and Twitter.

Italija, Milano.
Slovenski nacionalni dan v okviru svetovne razstave Expo Milano 2015.
Slovenski pavilijon.
Foto: Anže Malovrh/STA


In May and June 2015 the website www.exposlovenia.si reached 14,375 visits. The content on the site is available in three languages (Slovenian, English, Italian), the purpose of the website is to provide information to the general public and to the media about current events and concept presentation of Slovenia with the slogan I feel Slovenia.Green.Active.Healthy. Slovenia is also present on the website of the organizer Expo (www.expo2015.org), which had in May and June 2015 a total of 4,850,000 visitors.


Facebook has 1.4 billion users worldwide.

In the period until 1 July 2015, Slovenia has achieved 4,159 users on our Facebook page and 4640 "likes" until today. However, the total number of reach of our posts is much bigger: 672,800. On this number contribute the sharing of our posts of Facebook users who have a large number of users (e.g. Facebook page od Expo Milano 2015 has 1.7 million users). Individual publications of Slovenian presentation on Facebook pages in two months have reached daily 11.200 users worldwide.


Twitter has 284 million users worldwide.

In the period until 1 July 2015, Slovenian presentation has reached 1.755 followers on Twitter. The total number of reach of our tweets is much higher: 272,900. On this number influence the retweets of users who have large numbers of followers (e.g.Twitter Expo Milano 2015 has 615.000 followers). Individual tweets were seen on daily basis by 4.500 users worldwide.


Slovenia on foreign websites and social networks in two months reached about 500 various free publications. The announcements were mainly on architectural, culinary and touristic websites.

We can cite the presentation of our pavilion in one of the most visited architectural websites "designboom", which has more than 600.000 visits daily.

The presentation of the Slovenian pavilion was also published on the famous American architectural portal "Architizer", which has 72.000 visits daily.

From the total of 500 publications in two months on internet, the majority of them was published by Italian media - 187 announcements.

The publication on the Italian web are really important, because Italy is an important economic partner for Slovenia; the first for the visit of tourists in Slovenia, the second most important foreign trade partner of Slovenia and the third biggest foreign investor in Slovenia.

Also some Italian printed media published some free promotional articles.

Just to mention the article in the printed daily journal Libero, with circulation of 95.000. The four articles in Libero reached in this case almost the same number of visitors of the Slovenian pavilion in three months. The articles position Slovenia as the "pearl" of the Universal Exposition, with many interesting events and good presentation on Expo.

More information: Sandra Stermšek, Head of Communications, T: 01 589 85 64, E: sandra.stermsek@spiritslovenia.si