23.7.2015 15:12

The Successful Presentation of Slovenian Companies at Expo Milano 2015

Milano, 23 July - The Universal Exhibition Expo Milano 2015 offers, in addition to the many opportunities to strengthen the visibility and reputation of Slovenia, also many possibilities of promotion, internationalization and cooperation of Slovenian companies with those abroad. The Slovenian company LINA design d.o.o. will present itself from 23 to 26 July at the Slovenian pavilion and street Expo, where visitors can admire the exhibition of furniture and the rich program. The company LINA design d.o.o. is an example of good practice and just one of many Slovenian companies, which present in innovative and interesting ways their creations to the audience, seeking new partners for expansion in foreign markets.

Italija, Milano.
Pohištvo podjetja Lina Design d.o.o. na svetovni razstavi Expo 2015 v Milanu.
Foto: Peter Škrlep

Italija, Milano.
Pohištvo podjetja Lina Design d.o.o. na svetovni razstavi Expo 2015 v Milanu.
Foto: Peter Škrlep

The presentation and the search for new partners are facilitated by the presence of the staff of the Slovenian pavilion and the work of the Business Centre.

Damjan Uršič: "The Business Center is a great help, facilitating the contacts with business representatives. In the Slovenian pavilion we have the opportunity to use their space for presentations to potential clients. Particularly important are the new contacts with representatives of foreign companies, which can open doors to potential customers or business partners."

The company LINA design d.o.o. has 20 years of experience in the field of furniture design for international clients, including for example Natuzzi and Futura from Italy.

With their innovative products are present in the Pavilion of the European Union, in part of Italian pavilions, in Pavilion of Malta, the Coffee Cluster and in the pavilion Alessandro Rosso. In this period, they are treating to present their products in other pavilions at the Expo.

Their products are present in all European countries, in Russia, South Korea, Peru, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia etc. The furniture is produced in Slovenia in cooperation with Slovenian suppliers.

The company has received numerous awards for the brand LINA: Interior Innovation Award Winner 2014 and 2015 (Cologne), Universal Design Award 2015 (München), Universal Design Consumer Favourite 2014 (München), London Design Award - received in during the design week in London, the nomination for the German Design Award 2016 (Frankfurt).

Branded products LINA are multifunctional and aesthetically designed with simple shapes and clean lines for indoor and outdoor use, for higher price bracket.

In addition to the exhibition in the Slovenian pavilion will take place the demonstration of use of innovative multifunctional modules for the living room. The company will also organize a competition in the composition of modules; the visitors will have the opportunity to take pictures with models from the agency Bernie Models, established by Slovenian Model Bernarda Marovt. The event will be full of dance and musical performances.

More information: Sandra Stermšek, Head of Communications
T: +386 1 589 85 64, 386 51/658 714
E: sandra.stermsek@spiritslovenia.si