21.7.2015 10:15

Internationalization of Slovenian companies at Expo Milano 2015 - Lina Design d.o.o.

Milano, 21 July - The World Exhibition Expo Milano 2015 offers, in addition of the many opportunities to strengthen the visibility and the reputation of Slovenia, also the possibility to promote and establish new business partnerships in order to help Slovenian companies.

Pohištvo podjetja Lina Design d.o.o.
Foto: Lina Design

The Business Centre, located in the Slovenian pavilion, helps our companies in the activities.

Slovenian company Lina design d.o.o. is an example of good practice and just one of many Slovenian companies that present itself at the World Exhibition. The innovative and exciting ways of promotion attract new business partners and the expansion of Slovenian companies on foreign markets

The company, with 20 years of tradition in the field of furniture design with its innovative products, is present in the pavilion of the European Union, in part in the Italian pavilions, in the Pavilion of Malta and in the Pavilion Alessandro Rosso. From 22.7. till 26.7. they will be present inside and outside at the Slovenian pavilion and also on the street Expo, where visitors will admire an exhibition of furniture, listen to the music program and watch the beautiful models from School for models of Bernarda Marovt, the famous Slovenian model.

The company, with its products is already present in stores in all European countries and in countries such as Russia, South Korea, Peru, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, UAE, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia