16.7.2015 10:00

Region Savinjska at Expo Milano 2015 as region of well-being

Milano, 16 July - From 16 till 31 July 2015 at Expo Milano 2015 will be presented the region Savinjska, which unites 31 municipalities. The region presents itself as destination of touristic and culinary well-being.

Celjski grad.
Foto: Spirit Slovenija

In the Slovenian pavilion during the regional presentation visitors can admire the exhibition SAVINJSKA REGION on four panels, the main theme is the water (the Savinja River and thermal waters). The presentation will also take place on information desks in the pavilion, where you will find the brochure of Savinjska with promotional coupons (from 10 to 30 percent discounts) for Expo visitors. From 16 to 18 July on the main stage of Slovenian pavilion will present itself the city of Celje with culinary events organized by the Professional School for catering and tourism Celje. In the evenings will take place parties with DJ.

There are many possibilities for discovering the region: from hiking and cycling, to golf and Slovenian natural spas. Most visitors (90% of overnight stays) can find relax, well-being and health in seven spas surrounded by majestic forests (Terme Olimia, Thermana Laško, Terme Topolšica, Terme Zreče, Rimske Terme, Terme Rogaška Slatina, Terme Dobrna). Spa tourism and relaxation in wellness centers are among the most popular types of holiday in Slovenia. In our country the water is drinkable and healthy, we bottle the most magnesium rich mineral water in the world - Donat Mg. The art of the region brings us a bit of eternity. Many museums, galleries, castles and exhibitions are part of cultural life of the region. The charm of rural tourism and small apartments offering visitors untouched nature, the warmth of home, the taste of local cuisine: potica, mlinci, home grown vegetables, apples from Kozjansko without pesticides etc. The region is full of cheese dairies, breweries, homemade liqueurs and delicious local wines.

Also worth visiting is the Logar Valley, according to Lonely Planet evaluation, one of the most beautiful alpine valleys in Europe.

The hops, that give flavor to beer, is the symbol of the valley Spodnjesavinjska, today also known as the valley of "green gold". There they grow the finest quality hops with a noble aroma. In the city Laško we can find the renowned brewery Laško with 187 years of tradition.

The coordinator and organizer of the regional presentation of Savinjska at Expo is the Institute for cultural events and tourism Celeia Celje as Regional organization of destination Dežela Celjska.

More information: Sandra Stermšek, Head of Communication, T: 01 589 85 64, E: sandra.stermsek@spiritslovenia.si