2.7.2015 13:26

Presentation of the Green Karst at Expo Milano 2015

Milano, 2 July - At Expo Milano 2015 from 1 July to 14 July in the Slovenian pavilion will present the fifth region of Slovenia - the Notranjska and Karst. The tourist destination will present itself under the name of Green Karst and with the slogan One World, Two Faces. The intertwining of the karst underground with the one above gives a particular character to the destination. The Green Karst invites people to see the famous caves in Slovenia: the queen of the caves in the world Postojna Cave, the cave Križna with its underground lakes and the cave Planinska with the largest confluence of underground rivers in Europe. Here is also the intermittent Lake Cerknica, the largest of its kind in Europe. A varied landscape invites you to spend free time actively throughout the year. The destination offers several opportunities, such as horse riding, cycling, hiking, bird and bears watching and hiking in the caves.

Pustni karneval.

he presentation at Expo brings new opportunities for the region to attract visitors. They will try to get their attention with video content and photographs of landscapes and karst phenomena. On the main stage of the Slovenian pavilion on 4 and 5 July will perform four groups, who will present the rich tradition of the region: The house of tradition, the Regional Park Inner Carniola, the Cerknica Carnival Association (the carnival masks of Cerknica with the famous witch Uršula at the helm) and Band Cerknica (winners of numerous awards in the country). Folk music, legends, rituals and sustainable knowledge characterize the region (for example: lanarstvo - production and flax products; production of boat drvak, once the only means of transport). The great specialty of the regional park beside the nature is the cultural heritage of human adaptations to the nature of the intermittent Lake Cerknica.

The landscape has been formed through the flow of water which softened the stone. It is one of the greatest pearls of Europe. The heart of the park is the beautiful Lake Cerknica. Here you can find 270 species of birds, two-thirds of all species of Slovenian butterflies and two thirds of amphibian species, living in Slovenia. You can meet even the biggest carnivores in Europe, including wolves, bears and lynx.

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