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The Business Centre at Expo Milano 2015 is exceeding expectations

Milano, 18 June - As many as 619 Slovenian companies have taken part in different business opportunities provided at Expo Milano 2015 since its opening and until today (1 May - 18 June 2015). The success of the Business Centre in the Slovenian Pavilion has exceeded all expectations and presages a promising future. In addition to the visit by Dejan Židan, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, business delegations representing the food processing industry and wood processing and furniture industries are also present today in the Slovenian Pavilion in the organisation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and SPIRIT Slovenia. Minister Židan will visit the supermarket, attend the business conference, visit the Slovenian Pavilion and meet the representatives of the most prominent Italian companies in the field of food processing industry.

Milan, Italy
The opening of the Slovenian pavilion at the Expo 2015 show.
Photo: Daniel Novakovič/STA

During the six months of the world exhibition whose core theme is food, many business events involving agriculture, the food processing sector, environmental policies, biotechnology, wood industry and creative industries will be organised in Milan.

With the inclusion of the economic and business components in the presentation of Slovenia at Expo Milano 2015, the need for effective and harmonised work and coordination of participants in the economic sector became evident. For this purpose, the Business Centre was established by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and SPIRIT Slovenia, which is operating in the Slovenian Pavilion. The Business Centre is available to all Slovenian companies. It functions as an information point and offers assistance in the organisation of business as well as presentation events and meetings.

Bojan Škoda, Head of the Business Centre: "The decision on the establishment of the Business Centre in the Slovenian Pavilion was correct and exceeded all expectations. The Business Centre is a global meeting place of Slovenian entrepreneurs and their foreign counterparts. In cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia to Italy in Rome, SPIRIT Slovenia and the SPIRIT Representative Office in Milan, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and the Economic Office of the Republic of Slovenia in Milan, we offer assistance to Slovenian companies in their penetration into, and expansion in, foreign markets."

Slovenian companies have decided on different presentation approaches at Expo Milano 2015:

1. 459 Slovenian companies have been included in the business connecting platform of the Expo organiser since the start of the world exhibition until today, which enables connectivity and organisation of business meetings with 60,000 companies from around the world.

2. Slovenian companies may be physically represented in the Slovenian Pavilion within the promotion tools of Slovenia's participation at Expo (e.g. on the website, in the business publication, Slovenia at EXPO Milano 2015 etc.). SPIRIT Slovenia concluded agreements on partnership cooperation for this type of representation with 22 Slovenian companies.

3. The companies participate in delegations organised by the European Union and delegations organised by SPIRIT Slovenia and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. So far, two delegations organised by the European Union (Mediterranean countries, Turkey and China) have been constituted with a total of 17 Slovenian companies taking part. The companies had an opportunity to network with 1,000 foreign companies. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and SPIRIT Slovenia organised three delegations which were attended by 50 companies. Today's two delegations combine 22 representatives of food processing companies and organisations together with 21 representatives of wood processing and furniture companies and organisations.

4. In addition to the above business delegations, small delegations were also organised (e.g. presentation of Slovenian wine-producers to Italian sommeliers and buyers from the Chinese province of Sichuan, tasting of Slovenian olive oils, regional delegations, presentation of tourist offer to tourist agents etc.) combining a total of 71 Slovenian companies.

A presentation of ten Slovenian regions is also underway in the Slovenian Pavilion as part of Slovenia's presentation at Expo Milano 2015. A rich programme prepared by the regions further diversifies the permanent exhibition in the Slovenian Pavilion and serves as excellent promotion of regional cuisine, cultural characteristics and tourist offerings.

Gorazd Skrt, Head of the SPIRIT Representative Office in Italy: "Attending Expo is a great opportunity for the promotion of Slovenia as a tourist destination, the recognisability of the "I feel Slovenia" national brand and the enhancement of the country's identity as Green.Active.Healthy. We organise events for the promotion of the tourism economy at the fair and elsewhere, which are intended for organisers of tourist travels. For example, throughout the exhibition, the Sonček tourist agency is being presented with a tourist portal for the promotion and sale of travel arrangements for individual guests. The Slovenian Spas Association organises presentations of individual health resorts on a weekly basis. Ljubljana is featured as the European Green Capital 2016 and is presenting its regional cuisine."

"Business publication, Slovenia at EXPO Milano 2015" in Slovenian, Italian and English is intended for partners of Slovenian companies at Expo and for promotional purposes. The publication is available at the website of Slovenia's presentation at Expo Milano 2015 - www.exposlovenia.si:


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