17.6.2015 21:43

Sectoral delegations of wood processing industry and food processing industry at Expo Milano

Milano, 17 June - 21 representatives of the wood processing industry and 22 representatives of food processing industry will participate at the three-day event at EXPO Milano 2015. The delegations are organized with the cooperation of the Chamber of Commerce - Association of wood industry and Cluster of Wood, Association of food industry and the participation of SPIRIT Slovenia.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS).
Photo: Nebojša Tejić/STA

On 18 June will start the joint conference of the wood processing and food processing industry. The participants will be addressed by Dejan Židan, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food and by Aleš Cantarutti, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology.

The participants from wood industry will take part of the varied program, which includes a tour to EXPO Milano 2015, the participation on the National day of Slovenia, business meetings with Italian companies and agents. Slovenian business representatives will attend a professional workshop "GreenSmart Building" organized by the city of Milan. On the event will participate 50 representatives of Milan, construction companies, engineers, architects and builders associations.

The companies attending the event from Slovenia: LIP Bled, manufacturer of doors, windows, furniture and panels; M Sora, manufacturer of wooden low-energy windows; Lumar IG and Riko Hiše as manufacturer of prefabricated wooden buildings; Alples and Mizarstvo Bolčič, manufacturer of furniture; Marušič, Marinčič, and Solis Straža as producers of sawn timber; CBD as a designer of wooden structures; Agens Engineering, which offers business consulting.

The representatives of the Regional Development Fund, Chamber of Commerce - Association of wood and furniture industry, Section of Slovenian manufacturers of prefabricated wooden buildings and Cluster of Wood will take part of the delegation.

The participants of food industry will try to find new opportunities for export through the Italian commercial agents and representatives of retail chains. They will visit the largest Italian trade-transport center, the supermarket of the future and will attend the Slovenian national day on 19 June. In the delegation are present: producers of milk products - Mlekarna Celeia and Mlekarna Planika, producer of meat - company Osem, Žito as producer of bakery products, the manufacturer of mayonnaise and ketchup Tina, the producer of tomato Paradajz, company Dana, food consortium Panvita, and seller of wines Alps Wine. Two other companies will join the delegation: the company Koto and the company Plastika Skaza with its product Cuisine.

Italy represents an important export-import partner for Slovenia as well as for the participating industries. In the field of wood processing as well as for the production of furniture is our second export partner after Germany. In the export of food Italy reaches only 12.5% of total exports and is on 4th place - after Croatia, Germany and Austria. By contrast, Italy share the first place with Austria in imports, reaching the 23.7% of total imports (1,563 million EUR).

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