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Presentation of Central Slovenia and Ljubljana at Expo Milano 2015

Milano, 16 June - Ljubljana, as the capital of Slovenia, and the region of central Slovenia are presented at the Slovenian pavilion from 15th to 30th June at Expo Milano 2015 in the framework of regional presentations. At the cooking shows held by renowned chefs, visitors of the world exhibition will discover the flavours of Ljubljana and central Slovenia as well as the regional gastronomic identity extending from top gastronomy to family-owned restaurants.

Foto: Spirit Slovenija/Mostphotos

Velika planina.
Foto: Spirit Slovenija/Aleš Fevžer

The presentation will be further diversified by creative workshops and prize games, the little dragon of Ljubljana and "planšar" from the village of herdsmen at Velika Planina will entertain the visitors, and the evening part will include musical programme. Ljubljana will be presented as the "Green Capital of Europe 2016", with its focus on green identity and sustainability. Bottles filled with museum water arranged by the City Museum of Ljubljana will point to the uneven distribution of drinking water among countries as well as the fact that Slovenia is one of the few countries with a rich supply of quality drinking water.

The culinary scene of Ljubljana and central Slovenia experienced immense growth over over the past years, with renowned culinary chefs, restaurants and traditional local dishes becoming increasingly more recognisable to the world. The presentation of central Slovenia will therefore be focused on the current local gastronomy with traditional dishes being introduced in new, modern ways. Renowned culinary chefs Igor Jagodic (Strelec restaurant), Janez Bratovž (JB restaurant), Primož Repnik (Repnik rstaurant), Slavko Žagar (Skaručna restaurant), Luka Košir (Grič restaurant), Damjan Fink (Gostilna na gradu restaurant) and Janja Štrumbelj (Le-potica) will prepare dishes on the spot from the projects of Okusi Ljubljane and Okusi Kamnika.

Ljubljana is the Green Capital of Europe 2016 and recipient of the Tourism For Tomorrow 2015 award. The Slovenian capital is a city with a green soul and excellent environmental awareness, which managed to preserve its green image up to this day. Green areas and numerous pleasant green spots are located right in the city centre. The Ljubljanski grad castle, located at the top of a green hill with numerous recreational paths, sits above the historic part of the city. The picturesque embankments of river Ljubljanica, which flows through the city centre, were arranged by architect Jože Plečnik. One of Ljubljana's special features is a 34-km path called Pot spominov in tovarištva (Path of Rememberance and Comradeship) which encircles the city where a military blockade with barbed wire used to surround it during World War II.


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