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Presentation of the Emerald land at Expo Milano 2015

Milano, 19 May - At Expo Milano 2015 from 16 to 31 May, the Slovenian pavilion will held the second regional presentation - Goriška. The tourist destination will present itself under the name of Emerald Land and slogan Where life flows in colors. The name was chosen after the amazing emerald color of the river Soča, which flows in the northwestern part of Slovenia from the Julian Alps to the Adriatic.

Vipavska dolina.
Foto: Nea Culpa

Dolina Soče.
Foto: Nea Culpa

The Soča Valley, Idrija and Cerkno, Brda, Nova Gorica, The Vipava Valley and Karst invite the visitors to try outdoor activities (water sports, cycling, hiking) or to taste the exceptional gastronomic offer - food and wines, which are among the best in the world. The presentation at Expo is a great opportunity for the region to attract visitors.
The central stage of the Slovenian pavilion will feature the best young Slovenian gymnasts. The best cocktail makers from Nova Gorica, LIQUID FACTORY cocktail catering team, will serve the visitors with refreshing fruit flavors from the Alps to the Adriatic. Renowned regional chefs will present typical dishes; with his own cooking show will be present at Expo also one of the best chefs in Europe Tomaž Kavčič, from restaurant Pri Lojzetu at mansion Zemono. A very special wine and gastronomic show Dulcis Mare is organized by Igor Tomažič, a wine producer, which matures its wine in a very specific place - 18 meters below sea level in Piran Bay. The evening will be enlightened with the gaming animation of Hit, which is the largest provider of accommodation in the region. You can participate in the prize game Connect with good energy on the website and on the Facebook page Emerald land (energy.smaragdna-pot.com).

The Soča Valley: Fall in love with life in the best location for outdoor adventures
The mountain emerald river Soča, one of the most beautiful rivers of Europe, with its pools and rapids, flows from Bovec to Kobarid and Tolmin. Here is the home of rafting, kayaking and canyoning. Between the mountains and the sea you will discover the remains of the Isonzo front from the First World War. The Walk of Peace with its beautiful views connects the Alps with the Adriatic.

Idrija and Cerkno: embrace the freshness of the forests and UNESCO heritage
In the vast forests you will discover the symbol of resistance during the Second World War - partisan hospital Franja, awarded with the European Heritage Label. According to the legend, 500 years ago in Idrija they discovered mercury. The second largest mercury mine in the world worked for 500 years and today is on the prestigious UNESCO list. Idrija is also very famous for the lace.

Brda: Taste the sweet cherries and wine in the land of magic moments
On the right riverbank of Soča we can find the soft hills of Brda and the romantic villages. The green vineyards, the olive trees and orchards cover Brda in spring with cherry and peach blossoms. The solar energy and love for earth produce fresh fruits, honey and olive oil. You can find the best wines from Brda also in the best restaurants in the world.

Nova Gorica: discover the city with the most beautiful roses and the biggest casino in Europe
Nova Gorica has a big heart, full of urban energy and new experiences. In the immediate vicinity of Italy you will find the cultural and economic center of the region. Discover the city from the air, like the parachutists. The night is characterized with the passion for gaming. To get some more fresh air, go to the Plateau of Banjšice and Trnovo, which is a true wellness outdoors.

The Vipava Valley: dance between the hills and follow the green from the vineyard to the glass
In the valley the green color of vineyards and orchards calms the spirit. The landscape is made by the water and bora - the wind that gives character to everything, including local people and prosciutto. The adventure begins in the sky with a parachute and continues with hiking and cycling. Pleasure gets a new dimension, between the grape harvest and the hospitality of local people at homesteads.

Karst: feel the natural movement of the earth, wind and water between the little houses made of stone
The villages on the edge of Karst plateau south of Nova Gorica offer beautiful views of the Gulf of Trieste. This is where Karst shows its primal face. The water carved in the underground amazing karst formations and caves. Karst people invested a lot of effort to tame the wild landscape with stones and walls. On the red karst soil they still cultivate the vine Refosco. The soil gives taste and aroma to the famous wine Teran, which is stored in every cellar like prosciutto.

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