15.5.2015 17:26

An emotional journey through the Flavors of Karst: Slovenian cuisine and typical products of the Trieste and Gorizia Karst and Sea

Milano, 15 May - Slovenian Regional Economic Association (SDGZ) from Trieste organizes the Day of the Slovenian minority in Italy in collaboration with the Association of Peasant and SPIRIT Slovenia, the Slovenian Cultural and Economic Association and the Council of Slovenian Organizations. They will present wine and culinary excellence of Karst and the initiative The Flavors of Karst.


The Day of the Slovenian minority in Italy will be organized within the presentation of the Coastal - Karst region. The program will be formed in collaboration with Slovenian caterers, wine makers and bakers under the auspices of SDGZ. Part of the program will be carried out by the girls' vocal group Bodeča Neža, music band BK Evolution, Trieste folklore group Stu Ledi and cheer group Cheerdance Millenium.
The event represents an important link-up between the homeland and the Slovenes, living abroad. In accordance with the main theme of Expo, food, they will present the gastronomic heritage of Karst.

Such initiatives contribute to the evaluation of typical products and culinary traditions, and increase the visibility of the region as an attractive tourist destination. Slovenian identity is thus also maintained through tillage and cultivation of typical products that enable the development of a genuine Karst cuisine.

Finally, we have to emphasize the important role of the Slovenian Regional Economic Association and the Farmers Alliance in overcoming the barriers. They represent a real bridge for the integration of economy and agriculture in the common border area. They offer information and all the necessary support to enter the neighboring markets.

On 15 May 2015, they will present the gastronomy of Karst through Cooking shows and guided tastings dedicated to media at national level, culinary bloggers, high representatives of the Slovenian government and diplomacy. In the VIP room of the Slovenian pavilion from 14.00 to 16.00 will be organized a guided wine tasting combined with typical dishes. Tasting will be hosted by Aurora Endrici, expert for wine and lecturer in the organization Slow Food.

We believe that borders no longer exist. The identity of the territory is very important. The Slovenian national community in Italy has managed to preserve the identity, which is a mixture of history, meetings and links between Italy and Slovenia. We represent a small territory, where Slovenia and Italy meet each other: Karst, which expands to the Adriatic Sea. We perceive ourselves as an important part of the mosaic of flavors that EXPO 2015 will present to the world. Aurora Endrici will lead the guests through this emotional story about our identity and will present our wine producers, caterers and bakers.

They will present regional wines like Teran, vitovska, Malvasia and Refosco and local Prosekar, combined with our typical dishes. Guests will be able to taste the "mini krasburgers" with meat, cheese and ajvar, frtalja (egg omelets) with spices, anchovy from the Gulf with fennel, Bleki (noodle dough squares) with rooster (traditional holiday dish), toast with our olive oil, wild salmon from Val Rosandra, flat cake with rosemary and dessert with walnuts.

Caterers have chosen simple dishes that can be prepared outside their kitchens. Anyone who want to try the dishes, will discover new tastes, smells and memories. At the cooking show they will present two typical recipes: "fanclji with soul" a simple dish made from a mixture of flour, enriched with a small anchovy from the Gulf of Trieste. Gnocchi with plumes are an important legacy of our Central European essence. Both dishes are very symbolic: inside are hiding a different and valuable flavor, which makes the senses happy. We believe that small things can always offer pleasant surprises.

Caffe Vatta
Hotel & Restaurant Pahor
Bakery and Pastry shop Bukavec
Bakery and Pastry shop Čok
Restaurant Guštin
Restaurant La Lampara
Restaurant Posta
Restaurant Sardoč
Restaurant El Fornel
Restaurant Lokanda Devetak

Vine makers:
Castello di Rubbia
Gabi wines - Cernigoi

Event organized with the support of:
Trgovinska Zbornica Trst
Pokrajina Trst
Avtonomna dežela Furlanija Julijska krajina
Javna agencija Republike Slovenije za spodbujanje podjetništva, inovativnosti, razvoja, investicij in turizma