13.5.2015 11:44

Positive feedback on our pavilion

Ljubljana, 13 May - Slovenia presents itself at Expo Milano 2015 with an autonomous pavilion. Last Saturday we registered more than 4000 visitors. As a comparison we can mention the pavilion of the United Arab Emirates, where they yesterday registered 5500 visitors. Their pavilion measures 4300 m2 and it is the most expensive presentation, which cost 250 million EUR.
The responses to our presentation at Expo are very positive, in particular the architecture of the Slovenian pavilion attracted considerable interest.

The organizer of Expo decided to highlight our pavilion in two promotional videos.



Also in Milan you can see advertisement of Expo on public transport with the image of Slovenian pavilion:


Many websites dedicated to architecture present the image of the Slovenian pavilion; two of the leading architectural portals have listed Slovenian pavilion as one of the best:



Also other media exposed our presentation as very succesfull.

Foreign media also highlighted as very successful Slovenian communication on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.