12.5.2015 17:01

Samir Handanović - Slovenian ambassador at Expo

Ljubljana, 12 May - Sport and the most popular among them, football is an excellent way to promote a country. Therefore was our choice to involve in the role of Ambassador for Expo and as promoter of the slogan I feel Slovenia.Green.Active.Healthy., the master of defending penalty shots and member of Inter Milan Samir Handanović, more than adequate.

Portorož, Grand hotel Metropol.
Novinarska konferenca Nogometne zveze Slovenije, na kateri je selektor Slaviša Stojanović predstavil načrte za novo sezono, predstavili pa so tudi nov dres slovenske nogometne reprezentance.
Reprezentančni vratar Samir Handanović.
Foto: Nebojša Tejić/STA

Thirty years old Handanović, who started his career at Slovan Ljubljana, spent the last 11 years playing for clubs from the Apennine peninsula. All giants of European football want him. He created his fame with outstanding performances in Seria A and the Slovenian National team, for which he collected 75 appearances. After winning the award for best goalkeeper in Italy, in 2012 he transferred from the nearby Udine to the cosmopolitan Milan. Next year, when expires his contract with Inter, we believe that "Sarma", as friends call him, will be one of the main topics of "mercato" and other football markets across Europe.

Interview with Samir Handanović about Expo

Why would you recommend visiting Expo 2015 in Milan?
First of all, it's very close, only 350 km from the border. Slovenians, therefore do not have to travel the whole world to taste all varieties of food, which is the main theme of this Expo.

What feature of Slovenia do you miss the most in Italy?
Peace. In one hour from Ljubljana you can get to the sea or to the Alps. Slovenia has just 2 million inhabitants and therefore we do not have big traffic jams. I do not miss other things, because what I have in Slovenia, you can find also in Italy.

What is the opinion of your teammates about Slovenia?
Honestly, they do not know much about Slovenia. They do not even know where it is located. Expo is therefore an opportunity for them to discover Slovenia. And not only for them, but also for others, especially foreigners in Italy, which also do not know our country.

What the Italians appreciate in Slovenia?
Italians appreciate good food. I remember that when I played in Udine, many Italians went to Slovenia to taste Slovenian cuisine. They also like Slovenian spas.