11.5.2015 16:20

Business Delegation at EXPO 2015

Milano, 11 May - A delegation of 10 representatives of woodworking companies and architects are leaving tomorrow for a two-day business and professional delegation at the EXPO Milano 2015. The delegation is organized by the Chamber of Commerce - Association of Furniture and Wood and Wood Industry Cluster, in cooperation with SPIRIT Slovenia.

The participants will visit some of the most prominent pavilions, among them the Slovenian, and attend two professional workshops on low-energy renovation of public buildings using wood and business networking. On the second day the participants will visit the universal exposition, which is full of contemporary architecture and orientated to a healthy and active lifestyle.

The delegation is composed by M Sora d.o.o., as a manufacturer of wooden low-energy windows; Lumar d.o.o., as a manufacturer of low-energy prefabricated wooden buildings; Hoja, laminated structure d.d., as the producer of laminated wooden structures; Skodlarstvo Koželj s.p., as a manufacturer of handmade wooden boards and the Institute BIG as head of Cities Slovenia, which deals with better solutions for cities and trademarks.