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Slovenia presented as "green. active. healthy" at EXPO Milano 2015

Milano, 22 March - Slovenia has been given a chance for promotion at the Expo Gate, a venue in the centre of Milan, this weekend, a privilege given to only a handful of participants at the fair. The Expo Gate event presented several Slovenian regions and was packed with musical and dance performances. It also presented the country's cuisine through stories and cooking demonstrations.

Italija, Milano.
Predstavitev nastopa Slovenije na svetovni razstavi Expo 2015 v piramidi Expo Gate.
Nagovor ministra za gospodarski razvoj in tehnologijo Zdravka Počivalška.
Foto: Daniel Novakovič/STA

The promotion was attended by Economic Development and Technology Minister Zdravko Počivalšek, boss of the Spirit state agency for the promotion of enterprise and tourism Gorazd Mihelič, Slovenian Ambassador to Italy Iztok Mirošič, the head of the Italian office of the Spirit agency Gorazd Skrt, commissioner-general for Slovenia's presentation at Expo Milano 2015 Jerneja Lampret and general manager of Participants Division at EXPO Milano 2015 Stefano Gatti.

Jerneja Lampret, commissioner-general for Slovenia's presentation at Expo Milano 2015:
"Slovenia is one of the 53 countries in the world which will be presented with its own pavillion, under the slogan "I feel Slovenia, Green.Active.Healthy". The story of Slovenia is a story of "love" of nature (Slovenia is also the only country in the world to have the word "LOVE" in its name). A green, well-preserved environment is a precondition for production of healthy food, while a healthy lifestyle includes a healthy diet but also leisure activities outdoors. Slovenia's green outdoors offer many opportunities for a wide variety of leisure activities year around, while the country is also a popular site for mass sport and recreational events. The pyramid-shape of the Slovenian pavillion, set on a geometrically diverse surface, reflects the diversity of the Slovenian territory: the transition of the Alpine mountains and the Pannonian and Medieterranean hills into flat famland, and basins and valleys with an extraordinary underground world of carst caves boasting galleries and halls decorated with speleothems. The Slovenian pavillion is mostly made of natural materials: wood and glass."

Zdravko Počivalšek, Minister of Economic Development and Technology:
"Slovenia will pursue three goals in its presentation at Expo Milano 2015: strengthening of economic cooperation and the internationalisation of Slovenian companies, promoting Slovenia as a tourist destination and a geostrategic location, and strengthening the country's image and promoting the national brand I feel Slovenia. The Slovenian economy and its companies are very export-oriented and this year's EXPO is important for Slovenia because it takes place at a crossroads to some of the country's most important trade partners in the European Union. Efforts will therefore focus on finding new partners and markets for Slovenian companies, especially for the food processing industry, wood processing industry, tourism and also metal processing/car industry and ICT. Bilateral business cooperation between Slovenian and foreign companies will be an important part of the Slovenian pavillion at EXPO MILANO 2015. In line with this, the Slovenian pavillion will feature a Business Centre which will be open during the world fair, functioning as a one stop-shop for Slovenian and foreign companies looking for information on potential business partners, business opportunities, Slovenian or other business delegations, European Commission events and other events at EXPO Milano. There is a great interest among Slovenian companies for business opportunities on foreign markets and for meetings with potential business partners."

Iztok Mirošič, Slovenian ambassador to Italy:
"Italy is the second most important foreign trade partner for Slovenia and the third biggest investor in Slovenia. The neighbouring countries also make for the biggest tourism market for Slovenia. The total volume of trade between the countries in 2014 topped EUR 6 billion. Italian companies find Slovenia an interesting destination for foreign investment (lower taxes, lower energy and labour force costs), and see it as a primary springboard for covering central Europe, as well as a country with a well-trained and well-qualified labour force and in particular as a country with good infrastructure and a transparent administrative system. The country sees the EXPO as a great opportunity to present the products and services of Slovenian companies in neighbouring Italy."

Gorazd Skrt, the head of the Italian office of the SPIRIT state agency for the promotion of enterprise and tourism:
"Expo Milano 2015 makes for a great opportunity for Slovenian tourism, mainly because Italians are the most frequent visitors to Slovenia. Slovenia is also Italy's neighbour, which means that it is very convenient for visitors of the world fair to make a one- or two-day trip to, for example, the Slovenian coast, the Kras region and the Goriška Brda hills, and the European Green Capital 2016 - Ljubljana. In Slovenia everything is close at hand - a short two-hour drive can take you from an Alpine mountain top to the green Mediterranean and from the coast past a diverse underground world to the Pannonnic lowlands. Slovenia offers numerous ways to discover a green, active and healthy lifestyle no matter the season."

About Slovenia at EXPO Milano 2015:

The EXPO Milano 2015 with the motto "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life", which will take place between 1 May and 31 October 2015, will feature a presentation of Slovenia among 143 other countries. Fifty-three countries, among them Slovenia, will be presented to some 20 million visitors with its own pavillion. Its slogan will be "I feel SLOVEnia, Green.Active.Healthy".

The Slovenian pavillion stretchess across 800 m2 (with a total exhibition area of 1,910 m2). The pavillion is located at a junction of two main avenues of the exhibition space and is close to Italy's pavillion and the main venue of social events at the EXPO.

The architectural design concept for the Slovenian pavillion was prepared by SoNo arhitekti d.o.o, with the construction works carried out by Lumar IG d.o.o.

The story of Slovenia as a green, active and healthy country will be presented as part of a permanent exhibition at the Slovenian pavillion through five themes: salt, honeybees, spa springs of thermal&mineral water, hiking&cycling and a project measuring black carbon. The pavillion will be surrounded by a garden of vines, aromatic plants and olive trees, and a minimalistic forest.

The permanent exhibition at the Slovenian pavillion will be accompanied by a diverse business, tourist, culinary and cultural programme on stage. Visitors of the world fair will have an opportunity to taste some of the typical Slovenian dishes. Most of the six-month programme at the pavillion will be organised in cooperation with Slovenian regions. The National Day will be held on 19 June 2015.

The Slovenian pavillion is to be sold after the world's fair and activities to this end are alerady under way.


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