10.11.2014 12:00

Slovenia presents itself in Rome: "Green. Active. Healthy."

Rim, 10 November - As a part of the project "Rome to EXPO" (Roma verso EXPO) and under the patronage of the Municipality of Rome, Slovenia will present itself in the central Roman exhibition complex Vittoriano and at San Silvestro square in central Rome from 13 to 27 November 2014. The focus of the presentation is Slovenia's participation at the EXPO 2015 in Milan and Slovenia's motto at this global exposition - "I feel Slovenia. Green.Active.Healthy".

Italija, Rim.
Obisk predsednika republike Danila Türka v Italiji.
Predsedniška palača Kvirinal v Rimu, zastavi Slovenije, Italije in Evropske unije.
Foto: Stanko Gruden/STA

At Expo Milano 2015, Slovenia will present itself as a country of extraordinary natural beauty consciously and systematically striving to preserve the "Slovenian green". "Slovenian green" is integrated in the very heart of the national brand I FEEL SLOVENIA, and sustainable development is the path that Slovenia's strategic development is focused on. Slovenia's development is in step with nature: we respect nature and live in harmony with the environment. Slovenia's story at Expo Milano 2015 is therefore a story about the love of nature.

On 13 November, the story of the green, active and healthy Slovenia will be launched at the historical San Silvestro square in the centre of Rome, where an exhibition of photographs by eminent Slovenian photographers will be unveiled at 17:00. The motifs of nature, cultural heritage and architectural masterpieces captured in the photographs aim to emphasise Slovenia's rich natural and cultural heritage, the well-known and lesser-known jewels of its diverse landscape and the activities of people living in it. The exhibits at San Silvestro will include the model of Slovenia's EXPO Milano 2015 pavilion. The pavilion's dynamic design is reminiscent of the Slovenian landscape - Alpine mountains, Pannonian plains, Dolenjska hills, and the karst landscape, sweeping down to the Adriatic Sea. Under the surface there is a world of karst caves with stalactites, stalagmites and underground rivers. All the diversity captured in the pavilion is mirrored in the photographs, which provide a charming background to it.

The exhibition at San Silvestro is also an invitation to the presentation of Slovenia at the central Roman exhibition complex Vittoriano, where the official opening of exhibitions presenting Slovenia in the framework of the "Roma verso Expo" project will take place at 18:30. In this outstanding cultural ambience, Slovenia can be felt through photographs and wood products continuing the "Green. Active. Healthy." narrative. In the main hall, two exhibitions will be displayed, "The Appeal of Wood" and "Slovenia in Us".

The vision of the exhibition "The Appeal of Wood" is to show how Slovenia, rich as it is in forests, knows how to take advantage of its immense opportunities for an energy efficient and environmentally friendly development. Slovenia's exceptional wood-related history boasts the world's oldest known wooden wheel with an axle; it has been dated to 5,200 years ago, hence it is older than the Egyptian pyramids and the Mayan civilisation in Mexico. Wood is one of the most important Slovenian renewable energy sources and a sustainable material for the future; climate change and extreme weather events, including this year's ice damage, remind us of how necessary it is for the world to promptly move towards energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly production and reduce concentrations of greenhouse gases. Compared to other building materials such as concrete and steel, the manufacture of wooden elements requires significantly less energy and does not pollute the environment as much. The decomposition of wood after its use also puts less strain on the environment. Since wood products store CO2, they also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. Each exhibit is accompanied by information on how much it contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions. The Appeal of Wood has not been chosen randomly; the Slovenian EXPO pavilion itself will be made of natural materials, mainly wood and glass.

Slovenia's biodiversity has been exceptionally well preserved; one of most well-recognised symbols of Slovenia is undoubtedly the Lipizzaner horse. "Slovenia in Us" is a photographic exhibition by Alenka Slavinec dedicated to this noble creature. The author is a respected representative of Wayward Pen Foundation in New York. The exhibition "Slovenia in Us" was showcased in Shanghai, Kuwait, Cairo, Milan, Beograd, Budapest, at Festival Ljubljana, in Washington, New York City, Chicago, etc.

The promotion of Slovenia will thus go hand-in-hand with the main objective of world exhibitions, which has primarily been, ever since their very beginning in the 19th century, to educate the public. Visitors are in fact encouraged to realise that by taking small steps, they too can make a significant contribution to the preservation of the planet.

A press conference will be held on 13 November at 17:30 at the Vittoriano complex. Jerneja Lampret, the general commissioner for Slovenia at EXPO Milano 2015, will present the project of Slovenia's participation at the world exposition EXPO Milano 2015, while representatives of SPIRIT Slovenia and their event partners (the city of Ljubljana, the Postojna Cave and HIT Nova Gorica) will present to Roman tourist agents and journalists the news and opportunities in the range of Slovenia's tourist products and services.

Slovenia's presentation was prepared by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Italy, Government of the Republic of Slovenia Communication Office SPIRIT Slovenia under the patronage of the Municipality of Rome and in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Defence, the Slovenia Press Photo Institute, SoNo Architects, Biotechnical Faculty, and photographer Alenka Slavinec. The project was supported by Ljubljana Tourism, the Postojna Cave and Nova Gorica HIT Casino.